SOCIALS NETWORKS allows the interaction through socials networks with clients and users. Facebook and Pinterest are the social networks used.

Its main objective is encourage the transparent and constructive dialog, always with respect among all Internet users.

The terms of use are:

Remember it is a public area. As soon as you add any datum, comment or information, you accept that it can be seen for other social network users.

Remember that you are in charge of your comments and their possible consequences in your personal image and reputation. If you have any doubt, the best is you don’t make any contribution.

This area provides a forum for exchange of views or for a constructive discussion, but it is not an appropriate forum to create controversy, disqualify other users or third parties, or for complaints and grievances should be channelled through specific channels made for that purpose.

Respect other users; use an appropriate and proper language and behave as you were in other people presence.

Do not publish external advertising material in this profile to earn money or make any kind of business. This area is not to look for a job nor make promotion of you.

All rights of intellectual and industrial properties linked to logos, images and other published symbols are reserved by TEXBUHO, S.L. You should commit to respect them and do not use them without previous authorization whatever is the media.

You can only download contents, copy or print any information for your personal and private use.

TEXBUHO, S.L, as administrator, is able to remove any information, without right to replay, that:

Thinks it’s illegal, disrespectful, threatening, unfounded, slanderous, inappropriate, ethical or socially discriminatory or occupationally reprehensible in any way, that might hurts or cause material or moral damages to TEXBUHO, S.L, its employees, partners o third parties, or add third parties information without previous authorization or it is not connected with the objective of this website.

Responsibilities and guarantees:
TEXBUHO, S.L. is not responsible of views written is this profile and doesn’t assume no guarantee about the veracity, accuracy or updating of the information are on it.

In no case, TEXBUHO, S.L, and / or its administrators, employees or authorized personnel will be responsible in any damage, loss, complaints or any kind of expenses, whether they come or not, from the use of this social networks, from the information acquired or accessed by or through it, by computer viruses, system failures or outages, or transmission or line failures; the use of this social network, as direct connexion as by link or other media, make a notice to any user that all these possibilities might happen.

TEXBUHO, S.L. is not responsible of sites that are linked from this profile, or any other information, added by third parties.

TEXAUTO, SL reserves the right to modify, remove, cancel or restrict the content of this page, links or information obtained through it, without notice.

In case you are uncertainties related to navigation, content and access, please contact the administrator profile.


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