Our story

Do you remember your favourite clothes when you were a child?

That garment you would have happily worn every single day and which you still don’t know how your mother managed to get rid of without you realising...

Do you remember how you felt every time you put it on?

There was something special about it and that is how it made you feel.

Inés is Búho’s main designer and her favourite garment was a checkered lumberjack-style shirt that her parents brought her from Canada. A simple, comfortable shirt but with that “je ne sais quoi”.

Búho was born the day Inés’ vocation and instinct were united. Avocation that grew through years of training and an intense professional career. An instinct that arose at the same time as Chloé and Marc appeared, Inés two children that opened up a path for her that she had to follow unhesitatingly.


And thus she began designing for children, so that they too would feel their shirts, trousers, and dresses were as special and unique as that lumberjack shirt that had made her feel so cosy.


Búho is an array of colours, exclusive prints, soft and carefully nurtured fabrics. Clothing with a style of nonchalance, simple but well-studied patterns, a warm and personal touch for children to enjoy their clothes without sacrificing comfort. And so one day, if anybody asks them: “Do you remember your favourite garment when you were young?”, the snswer will be: Búho.



That soft and cuddly feeling is the result of significant hard work to ensure that the quality of all the clothes in the Búho range live up to the brand’s high standards.


The fabrics and yarns come mainly from France, Spain and Italy, as the quality of the raw materials is critical for the company. Complex washing and dyeing techniques achieve an array of unique colours that convey emotions and a casual exquisiteness recreating a sweet, bohemian world. These are exclusive productions, monitored with utmost care and affection throughout the process in order to achieve singular and special garments blended in perfect harmony.


With those principles in hand, the entire Búho range is mainly produced in Spain, although in Portugal and France as well, so as to exercise close control over the quality of the sewing and also in support of what we represent, of local and sustainable trade.

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